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1. What do GCSEF grants support?

GCS Education Foundation-funded programs should enhance, but not duplicate, the Greenville City School system's standard curriculum. The Education Foundation invites grant requests seeking to fund innovative, creative ideas that fall outside the ordinary school budget.  Ideal projects are those that encourage and demonstrate a partnership between teachers, schools, disciplines, and local community resource agencies.

GCS Education Foundation grants are not meant to be used to help underwrite basic school needs, project awards, prizes, or consumables.

2.  Who decides whether or not a project receives funding?

The GCS Education Foundation Grant Review committee, which is comprised of members of the Education Foundation Board of Trustees, thoughtfully reviews each grant request.

3.  How are the applications reviewed?

FOCUS Grant requests are forwarded via email to the Grant Review committee members for their individual evaluation of overall content, value, students served, and the project or request's relationship to current curriculum standards. 

S.E.E.D.Grant requests are forwarded to the Grant Review committee in hard copy form, within a notebook containing all other AEW Grant applications received before the annual deadline.  Each Grant Review committee member preliminarily scores each grant request according to a basic rubric.  Some of the items addressed in the rubric are: the quality of the application format; the content; the number of students served; and the cost value.  Next, the committee comes together to review their findings.  The decision to fund a request is reached by consensus. 

In fairness to all applicants, guidelines and deadlines (when mandated) are strictly adhered to.  Of course - applying does not guarantee an award.  Remember that available funding and competition for funding is an unpredictable element of the process.

4.  Am I limited to one request?


5.  Is it possible that my request could be partially funded?

Yes.  Applications chosen for award may be funded at a percentage of the request.  In your grant description, please address the issue of partial funding.  For example:  (amounts in this example are non-specific) "I am requesting $3000, but if you can award me $2000 I'll do this ..., and with $1000 I'll do this ..."  PLEASE NOTE - If you do not include a plan for partial funding the grant committee will assume that you will only accept full funding.

6.  How can I get started?

  • Analyze your idea or project based on the defined scope of the grant.
  • Collaborate with others to make your project more meaningful and affective.
  • Search the school system to be sure your project is not being duplicated elsewhere.
  • Note the grant application guidelines provided as you assemble your grant request.  Pay close attention to providing necessary copies of your request, obtaining approval signatures, and to deadlines (when mandated).
  • Contact the GCS Education Foundation's executive director to help resolve questions or provide guidance.

7.  What are some successful factors to consider?

  • The grant proposal should demonstrate creativity and innovation in educational programming and target a significant number of GCS students.
  • Whenever possible, proposals should demonstrate collaboration between schools, educators, outside local community resources, and parents.
  • The proposal must be complete and in compliance with any deadlines. 
  • Applications should be concise in content, typed, and understandable for non-educators.
  • Please avoid requesting funding for prizes, snacks, or other consumables.