2030 Report » 2030 Report: Looking Ahead to Improve Education in Greeneville

2030 Report: Looking Ahead to Improve Education in Greeneville

Fellow Citizens of Greeneville –
It is our honor to present the 2030 Report: Looking Ahead
to Improve Education in Greeneville. When the Foundation
leadership had the idea to commission a report on the state
of education in Greeneville with a forward-looking approach,
we assembled a committee representing the entire
community to create a final product that included voices
from across our city.
This report is based on more than 250 confidential surveys of
parents, teachers, students, and community members who
were asked a set of questions about the state of Greeneville
City Schools. Our committee spent countless hours meeting,
formulating the right questions, and conducting interviews
to create this report, and we learned a tremendous amount
about the place we love and call home. This report reflects
the survey results and makes recommendations for the
One of the most encouraging aspects of this process was
the universal recognition of something that the committee
already knew: that Greeneville is a special place to call home.
Our citizens have tremendous pride in our public schools and
want the best for every generation that steps through the
doors of our elementary, middle, and high schools. We hope
you will read this report as it was written: an honest look at
where we are as a district and hopeful recommendations in
the spirit of continuous improvement.
Thank you,
Bob Leonard
The 2030 Report
Amanda Waddell
Executive Director
The Greeneville City Schools
Education Foundation